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Nokia E71 – Beautiful Connections



Aunque ya tuve un 5800 en mis manos este sigue siendo mi telefono preferido

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What would be neat is if Nokia created a multi-processor sysetm, which would run only a single processor when on battery, but give you all processors when the device is plugged into a power socket. This would allow the device to its own development sysetm when plugged in, with (wireless) links to keyboard and monitor, and one of the processors could be devoted to emulation to test applications as they are developed.Of course, there is not a mass market for this. But how about using the same concept to develop audio and/or video content for the handheld? Playing the content only requires a single processor, but plug in and link to a keyboard and monitor, and run a suitable application, and now anyone can make movies or mp3s to run on the device. Simplify (FTP) access to the internet, and now people can generate content they can share with their friends, without posting it to YouTube.Then again, there is the port of the Apache httpd to Nokia handhelds to consider. Running a webserver on a handheld implies it is always on, no?


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