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25 lineas de ActionScript Contest

Que podrias hacer con tan solo 25 lineas de as3?

1. A line of code is anything that ends with, or should end with, a semicolon.
2. Lines containing only white space or brackets of any kind do not count as a line of code.
3. We will allow single statement functions, for loops, while/do-while loops, conditionals, etc. to be put on a single line.
4. The ?: conditional operator may be written on one line.
5. By all means, chain stuff.
6. You may not import any other external code.
7. You may not rely on any assets in the library of the FLA or embedded via an Embed tag.
8. You may not load or stream any external assets or data from a server or file system.
9. You may not include bytecode strings as part of your “code”.
10. Do not include special instructions beyond the code.
11. You are allowed one free line of SWF metadata to set the stage size, background color, and frame rate.


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[…] recuerda un poco al 25 Lines AS3 Contest, aunque este es oficial y obviamente no se permite […]

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