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Change is the only constant …and it goes really fast.

Have you ever wonder how adaptable you are?

I mean, can you quit your job and find another easily? how long does it take? can you start another career or another business from knowing nothing? well, i did this for the last ten years and i always thought someday i was gonna be prepared, but instead i realize that i need to know more and more because this is always changing and accelerating, like our universe.

Sometimes is frustrating, always demanding but i consider myself as a survival, a person who takes challenges to solve critical problems from my clients and mainly for surviving to my freaking ideas and anxiety problems, my weapons are always passion, dedication and lack of healthcare, but now that is the problem.

My eyes as result of long hours of testing, working, studying and watching all kind of videos developed keratoconus, with that is more difficult for me to follow tendencies, emerging ideas, technologies, etc… because it goes so much faster every time and my physical capabilities are going down (i’m not the half the man i used to be), but i need to be adaptable to that too, when i look this blog i saw all the things i have done in ten years, from buying my first computer to now: working as a parter of a digital agency, adapting myself every second to every kind of need, decision, process, client, work and everything, this adaptable need is spreading like a virus, how could i cover up all the things that matters to me so fast??

I know my english sucks but i need to practice it, also the views of my stuff (work, videos, blogs post, tweets, etc..) comes from people non hispanic… so i’m gonna try this for a bit, there’s a lot of things to write about. thanks for reading.

Josué Palma

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Change is the only constant …and it goes really fast.

Have you ever wonder how adaptable you are? I mean, can you quit your job and find another easily? how […]

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