Extend the touchscreen

Extending the Touchscreen – ITP Thesis Teaser from Michael Knuepfel on Vimeo.

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  1. Anna Says:

    Thanks,I am about to buy my 1st tube amp and need a little help. The main ruqierement is awesome speaker emulation for recording great metal tones on my laptop. That’s the topmost priority. But the choices seem confusing as there are a lot of good options. Orange, Hughes & Kettner, Carvin, and quite a few others. My main dilemma is:For really great lead & metal tones which is preferable?1> This HT5 that is a little weak in the clean tone but awesome high gain tone2> Going for the best clean tone and using a great pedal3> A nice clean and overdrive dirty channel for good lead and complimenting it with a distortion stomp OR VIRTUAL effect plugins on my laptopany suggestions please?

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