Flash Lite 3!!!!

Estuve fuera desde el viernes y hoy al revisar mi mail ohh sorpresa, un mail con el SIS del player FL3!

Thank you for your interest in Flash Lite 3. Attached is the SIS file for Flash Lite 3 developer edition. We apologize for the delay in the release of FL3 developer edition and we hope you enjoy testing Flash Lite 3.

As a reminder, the Flash Lite 3 developer edition has only been certified for the Nokia N95. FL3 developer edition is only a standalone player and will allow developers to test and play back SWF files that are published as Flash Lite 3. Note, the Flash Lite 3 developer edition does not support the mobile phone web browser as a plug-in or other content types such as wallpapers and screensavers. It is meant only for developers, not for consumers to download. The first mobile phones that will start shipping with Flash Lite 3 pre-installed will be Nokia devices in Q1 2008.

Tenias que enviar un mail con tu IMEI al equipo de desarrollo para recibirlo, yo pensaba dormir pero ni modo, a darle, mpeando por aca:


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